Golf Cart Maintenance

Double D Golf Carts offers golf cart maintenance to Florida residents. We are able to perform the essential maintenance that your vehicle needs to run smoothly. Our team provides electric and gas golf cart maintenance.

Basic Golf Cart Maintenance

All golf carts need essential maintenance done to stay in tip-top shape. Whether you have an electric or gas model, we will do these essential services for you.

  • Replace the chassis rubber grommet- this part keeps the suspension riding smoothly.
  • Tire alignment- proper alignment keeps your cart steering straight. Alignment should be checked once every two months or less, depending on how often you go off-road.
  • Tire rotation- you will need your tires rotated at least once a year, especially if you ride on the pavement often.
  • Wheel bearings- the wheel bearings keep the tires from wiggling from side to side.
  • Tire air pressure- Check once a month. Visually inspect every ride to preserve tire tread.

We recommend that you always repair any worn parts to protect damage to connecting parts like the a-arms and kingpins. When one thing starts to wear out, it strains other parts.

Electric Golf Cart Maintenance

If you have an electric model, there are specific things that need to be checked. These maintenance points include:

  • Battery voltage- once a month, the battery voltage needs to be checked. The optimum voltage charge should register between 48-52 volts.
  • Water levels- the water level in the batteries should be checked once a month.
  • Corrosion- look at the battery terminals to see if any corrosion has accumulated.
  • Motor brushes- the length of the motor brushes should be checked and replaced if needed.
  • Power cables- all power cables need to be inspected for damage or wear.

If we notice any issues with these areas, we can make the necessary repairs. We can install a new battery, replace wires, or work on any parts that are not functioning correctly.

Gas Golf Cart Maintenance

If you have a gas golf cart, your model will have a gas engine. There are specific parts to gas models that need to be maintained. These parts can include:

  • Examine the engine – the engine should be checked for visible signs of oil.
  • Belt – the starter belt can loosen up over time and needs to be tightened. The drive belt also needs to be examined for wear.
  • Replace filters – both the oil and air filter should be changed when an oil change is done.
  • Spark plugs – spark plugs should be replaced on occasion.
  • Carburetor – sometimes adjustments need to be made between the pedal and the carburetor.

For optimal performance, these areas need to be maintained annually on your gas golf cart.

Call us today for Golf Cart Maintenance

If you are in need of golf cart maintenance, call Double D Golf Carts today. We have a team that will assist you. You can drop off your cart with us and we will let you know when it is ready. We look forward to hearing from you.


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