Golf Cart Batteries

Golf Cart Batteries

Double D Golf Carts offers the best prices on golf cart batteries of any shop in Florida.

We carry only the highest quality batteries, so you can be rest assured you are getting a brand new premium golf cart battery with a full factory warranty.

We will meet or beat any prices offered at any golf cart shop in Florida guaranteed.

Give us a call at 352-478-2600 to order your new batteries today!

Interstate Batteries

Golf Cart Batteries for Sale

6v & 8v set of 6
12v set of 4
OTD Price w/ Tax Single Cores Warranty Installed w/ Cable Set & Tax Retail
6 Volt
 Interstate M-GC2-UTL $135ea $881 $145ea $25 24m $1,042 $145
 Interstate GC2-ECL $165ea $1,074 $205ea $25 24m $1,235 $205
Set of 6 + Tax
8 Volt
Interstate M-GC8-UTL $155ea $1,010 $177ea $25 24m $1,172 $177
Interstate GC8-HCL $170ea $1,106 $181ea $25 24m $1,267 $181
Allied Lithium 48Volt PK $2,300 $2,473 w/ charger
Set of 4 + Tax
12 Volt
Interstate GC12-HCL-UTL $240ea $1,039 $291ea $30 12m $1,200 $291
Set of 1 + Tax
Starting Battery
Interstate $135 $168 $155 $25 12m $200 $25 Cables
$30 Install

Batteries will only be held with a $100 Deposit

All Interstate Batteries come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • $75 Installation of Battery Set
  • $75 Set of New Cables (made to fit)
  • $12 Individual Cable (made to fit)
  • Limited Warranty applies to failure as to the result of defects in materials and workmanship only.
  • Prices may change without notice.


Prices Valid Only with Core Exchange

Hours of operation are subject to change – Please call prior to comings

3.5% Credit Card Service Fee

Call Double D Golf Carts Today at 352-478-2600

If you are ready to purchase new golf cart batteries, call Double D Golf Carts today.

We will answer any questions you have and get you set up with the golf cart batteries that have your golf cart running its best. We can’t wait to help get you in a new set of golf cart batteries!


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