Join the T#P Race Club

Join the Tired #f Pavement Race Club and receive all the amazing rider benefits that come with joining the T#P Club.

Sponsored rider, Jacob Gilliam, crushes the log section of the 2018 Croom Enduro. Picture Credit: Mariah Lacy
  • Best Industry Prices
  • Fast availability
  • Free race delivery
  • Discounted Bike Kits and Graphics
  • Easy communication
  • Tired #f Pavement Shirt
  • Tired #f Pavement Sticker

Benefits Include:

  • Discounted Pricing
  • Discounted graphics kit – Only $145
  • Oil Changes
  • Air filter change
  • handlebar adjustment
  • grip change / Service
  • break fluid flush
  • tire changes
  • bib installs
  • Rekluse installs
  • Exhaust wrap
  • Racer insight from an experienced champion AA rider
  • Guidance on proper bike setup for each course
  • Tuning suggestions for peak performance
  • Discounted Lease (Annual Fee)
  • etc.

To qualify for the Tired #f Pavement Race Club benefits

Rider must purchase and run T#P Grafx Kit

Discounted grafx rates:

  • Full-size bikes – $145
  • 50’s – $100
  • 65 & 85 – $125
  • Quads – $255

  1. 01Exclusive Prices
    1. 02Part numbers. To provide this deal, we need you to provide your part numbers to [email protected]. If you do not provide the numbers you will be charged 15% less than retail.
    2. 03Price Match. Give us a call at 352-478-2600 and we will try our best to beat it. Remember that even if we can’t beat every price, you are buying through an authorized dealer so the warranties are ironclad and you can count on us to make a claim if anything breaks.
  2. 04Submitting an Order – Call us a 352-478-2600 to submit an order or send us an email at [email protected] with a list of part numbers and we will call you or message you the payment instructions. Please submit all orders by 11:30 to allow for adequate processing time. Any subsequent orders will be placed the following day.
  3. 05Payment – Customers will provide payment credit card information by phone and complete the transaction in real time. Other payment methods such as PayPal are acceptable.
  4. 06Shipping – Buyer pays shipping. Select items may be drop shipped for $10. Double D Golf Carts is able to deliver parts to all Florida Trail Riders events that we attend including harescambles and enduros. All Orders are not shipped until all items from the order have been received. Partial orders will not ship unless specified at the time of order and this could incur extra shipping charges. Orders are shipped out Monday-Friday at 4:00 PM. Please allow adequate time for packaging.
  5. 07Shipping Issues – Please call us immediately if there is any damage during shipping so that we can make a claim. Failure to notify us within 5 days will result in the forfeiture of a shipping claim.
  6. 08Returns – Items may be returned within 30 days. However, the customer must pay the return shipping. All returns will incur a 15% restocking fee of the purchase price.
  7. 09Racer Conduct – Double D Golf Carts expects that every support rider maintains a professional and sportsmanlike behavior, both on and off the track. If a rider makes Double D Golf Carts look bad in anyway, their contract could be terminated. This could include unsportsman-like behavior or a general negativity that causes a rift in the FTR political scene, etc. By signing this contract you agree and understand the terms of this contract.
  8. 10Contract Duration – This contract is good for as long at T#P grafx kit is run on bike for advertising, unless otherwise terminated by Double D Golf Carts.

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