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The Double D Golf Cart Difference

We love dirt bikes and everything off-road. We go on trips all around the country and love the quality time that this sport provides. Shelby has won many championships over the past 20+ years, and I have won 7 championships over the last 3 years. We are a small shop in Keystone Heights striving on PRECISION. We could be doing anything in the world, but we chose to work on something we love every day. We are dedicated to the off-road world from selling to wrenching to riding. This is our passion. We get up every morning doing something we love.

  • Clean facilities
  • Over 20 years industry experience
  • A la Carte service
  • Labor rates (No Hidden Fees)
    • Golf Carts – $100/hr
    • Dirt Bikes – $125/hr
    • ATV & Quads – $150
  • Specialize in golf cart sales, service & repair
  • Lowest prices in region on:
  • Custom golf carts
  • Golf cart parts & accessories
  • Dirt bike parts & accessories
  • Off-road riding gear
Double D Powersports

We are racers and win championships. We build championship worthy machines. You can count on your machine finishing the race. We take this same level of pride in everything we do. We use assembly lube to ensure the break in period to mitigate damage to new components on the initial startup.
We thoroughly test every bike for quality control.

Race Bike Prep

  • Air filter clean
  • Safety wire the grips

We use torque wrenches to ensure every nut and bolt is set to factory specification. No exceptions. Many other mechanics claim they have a torque wrench built into their arm.
Same resources as the average big dealership with 100,000’s dollars of inventory.
Accurate estimates using software to help you get the best price. Each job is an a la carte price. Oil changes to main bearing replacements.
Epoxy floors climate controlled environment

Golf cart builds

We take the same care on golf carts as we do on factory race machines. It sounds cocky but we are OVER qualified to work on carts.

Meet the

Double D Team

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