Golf Cart Repair

Double D Golf Carts offers high-quality golf cart repair in Jacksonville and Gainesville Florida. We are able to do anything necessary to get your cart working as good as new. Our team will determine the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs.

We Offer Professional Golf Cart Repair

Our team can repair just about anything on your electric golf cart or gas-powered golf cart. We will run a diagnostic to determine the cause of the problem and then do what’s necessary to make the repairs.

It is important to note that in order for us to determine the source of the problem. Sometimes our customers have installed DIY aftermarket kits such as a 36-volt conversion on their electric golf carts. If you chose to do an upgrade, make sure your cart has an OEM Electrical System.

Electric Golf Cart Repair

Electric models do not have engines like a gas-powered model. These are some of the things we will do when you come to us for electric golf cart repair in Jacksonville, FL.:

  • Replace battery- the battery is susceptible to corrosion and damage during the winter if not properly stored.
  • Tighten or replace the solenoid- this is the wire that carries the electric current from the pedal to the battery.
  • Repair the ignition switch- the ignition key switch can break down over time and keep your cart from moving.
  • Replace the direction switch- this is the switch that allows you to go forward or backward. It can wear out and keep you from being able to reverse or go forward.

These are some of the most common problems on electric models. Our team can identify the problem and then make the necessary repair.

Gas Golf Cart Repair

Gas models have combustion engines and run on fuel like a truck or car. When you step on the pedal, it causes the cart to move and when you take your foot off, it stops. These are some of the gas golf cart repairs we make:

  • Change spark plugs and check connections- this is part of basic maintenance that should take place on your cart. If you have not kept up with the maintenance, these worn out parts will keep your vehicle from working.
  • Distributor cap- the distributor cap can crack and keeps the voltage through passing from the coils of the ignition to the cylinders in the engine.
  • Replace filters- the fuel filter and air filter can become clogged and keep the cart from working.
  • Run new gas lines- gas lines can become brittle and crack, causing fuel to leak out. We can repair the lines or run new lines completely if need be.

These are some of the common minor problems we take care of on gas golf carts. There are many other components of the engine that can break. We will determine the issues and make the necessary repairs.

Call us today to schedule your golf cart repair

We will do everything we can to repair your golf cart. Call Double D Golf Carts today so that we can help you. You can drop off your vehicle with us for golf cart repairs. As soon as it is ready, we will get in touch with you.


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